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Legislature: The Colorado Legislature

Tax Liens For Sale:




39-11-101. Notice to delinquent owner. 
39-11-102. Treasurer to publish and post notice. 
39-11-103. Treasurer to make affidavit of posting. 
39-11-104. Publisher's affidavit - form. 
39-11-105. Selection of newspaper publishing notice. 
39-11-106. Advertising fee. 
39-11-107. Erroneous assessments - abatement. 
39-11-108. Manner of conducting sale. 
39-11-109. Time and place of sale. 
39-11-110. When sale can be held. 
39-11-111. Purchase price to be paid in cash. 
39-11-112. Erroneous name or assessment in wrong county - effect. 
39-11-113. Abbreviations, letters, and figures may be used. 
39-11-114. Record of sales of tax liens on real estate and mobile homes. 
39-11-115. To whom tax lien shall be stricken off. 
39-11-116. Procedure when purchaser fails to pay. 
39-11-117. Certificate of purchase. 
39-11-118. Certificate of purchase assignable. 
39-11-119. Subsequent payment by holder. 
39-11-120. Presentation of certificates for deed. 
39-11-121. Municipalities, prior sales validated. 
39-11-122. Transfer of certificates by counties. 
39-11-123. Transfer of certificates - irrigation or drainage district taxes. 
39-11-124. Counties, prior sales validated. 
39-11-125. Disposal of certificates by districts. 
39-11-126. Agreement with county commissioners. 
39-11-127. Irrigation or drainage districts, prior sales validated. 
39-11-128. Condition precedent to deed - notice. 
39-11-129. Tax deed - issuance, execution, requirements. 
39-11-130. Fees included in redemption money. 
39-11-131. Notice of application for deed. 
39-11-132. Prior notices or requests containing more than one parcel - validation. (Repealed) 
39-11-133. Suit to quiet title. 
39-11-134. Defects in tax deed, effect. 
39-11-135. Form of tax deed. 
39-11-136. Treasurer to execute deed - effect. 
39-11-137. Validation of acknowledgments of tax deeds. 
39-11-138. When successor of treasurer shall act. 
39-11-139. Posting list of tax sale certificates and tax deeds. 
39-11-140. Tax deed recorded - entry. 
39-11-141. Action to determine validity of certificates. 
39-11-142. Disposition of certificates held by counties. 
39-11-143. Appraisal - county may rent or sell. 
39-11-144. County lands, prior sales validated. 
39-11-145. Proceeds of sales. 
39-11-146. Lien of special assessment not affected. 
39-11-147. Treasurer to report payments. 
39-11-148. Limitations on tax certificates - special improvement liens. 
39-11-149. Sales en masse valid. 
39-11-150. Sales of tax liens on severed mineral interests. 
39-11-151. County officials and employees may not acquire a tax lien or property by sale of a tax lien.
39-11-152. Combined sale of delinquent tax liens and special assessment liens. 


39-12-101. Limitation of actions for recovery of land. 
39-12-102. Action to recover mining property. 
39-12-103. Redemption made - interest. 
39-12-104. Redemption of real property of person under disability. 
39-12-105. Certificate of redemption. 
39-12-106. Entry by county clerk and recorder of redemption certificate. (Repealed) 
39-12-107. Fee for entering certificate. (Repealed) 
39-12-108. Payment of redemption money. 
39-12-109. Payment upon surrender of tax certificate. 
39-12-110. Payment when certificate lost. 
39-12-111. Land wrongfully sold - repayment. 
39-12-112. Allowance for erroneous assessments. 
39-12-113. Redemption of proportionate interest. 


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