2018 Annual Conference Presentations
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Speaker Presentations 

NTLA @ Work 

SPEAKERS: Bob Keyser & Brad Westover | NTLA


SPEAKER: Stephanie Raney | US Dept. of Justice

“Trumped-Up: State of the Union Housing and Economic
Overview 2018”

SPEAKER: Elliot Eisenberg, Ph. D. | Laughs & Graphs


The 2017 Year in Review

SPEAKER: Brian Seidensticker | Tax Sale Resources

The New York City Blueprint: a lesson for the City of

SPEAKER: Bruce Bronster, Esq. | Windels, Marx, Lane & Mittendorff

Investing in Indiana? Understand the new statutes and
governing rules.

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SPEAKER: Billy Richards, Scott Richards, Esq. | William R. Richards, PC

Secondary market strategies with complicated assets.
Understand that liens in bankruptcy and list of lands are still
tradeable assets.

SPEAKER: Tom Tarasovic | Lumentum

Analyze trends in the prior tax sale years in Louisiana, Iowa,
Michigan, and Colorado.

SPEAKER: Joe Edwards | SRI

A focus on the New York tax lien foreclosure process and
the common issues in REO.

SPEAKER: David A. Schwartzberg | Advantage Group

Title Issues: Clear or Cloud?

SPEAKERS: Rich Meyer | FL Real Estate Investment Center

How to avoid common pitfalls in Illinois tax lien investing
and how to pull yourself out.

SPEAKERS: Terry Carter, Eric Wudtke | Carter Legal Group

How to buy unredeemed seasoned tax liens and not lose
your shirt!

SPEAKERS: Ian Atkin | Maplewood Management

Tax Sales & Bankruptcy - Buyer Beware

SPEAKERS: Robert W. Keyser | Taylor and Keyser, P.C.,
Michael J. Wilson | Michael J. Wilson & Associates, P.C.

Assess your unique risk/reward factors and then apply
industry best practices to optimize portfolio management
with minimal risk.

SPEAKER: Jed Reitler | VADAR Systems
please send feedback form to Jed-Reitler@vadarsystems.com

Wake Up Investors!

SPEAKER: Lydia McEvoy | Clay County, MO Revenue Collector

The Florida Session

SPEAKERS: David Dehring | Grant Street Group

Explore Two Federal Statutes

SPEAKER: Anthony Iacchetta, Nick Karavolas | Phillips Lytle

Optimal practices for helping tax lien funds liquidate their
REOs in a profit-maximizing and ethical manner.

SPEAKER: Jesse Loomis | Bid4Assets

Looking To Expand Your Horizons Beyond Tax Liens?

SPEAKERS: Kaye Dreifuerst, Brett Soldevila | Receivables Management Association

What life in Major League Baseball taught me about
succeeding in business and in life.

SPEAKER: Rick Sofield | Minnesota Twins & Pittsburgh Pirates


Public Relations Matters!

SPEAKER: Maria Serrano | Meltwater

Legislative Report

SPEAKER: Jim Meeks, NTLA Legislative Chairman

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